Sencha (Fukamushi)

Organic Japanese Green tea (SENCHA)

Organic Japanese Green tea (SENCHA)

Green tea that has been steamed approximately twice as long as regular Sencha is called Fukamushi Sencha. Fukamushi means “deep steamed for a long time." Since the leaves have been thoroughly exposed to the steam's heat, they become powdery and the tea takes on a stronger taste and darker green color. It does not have a "grassy" odor or astringency. Since the leaves have been steamed for a long time, they become finer and the tea made from these leaves has a high leaf content. Consequently, a unique characterstic of Fukamushi Sencha is that many active components of the tea can be absorbed into the body even though they do not dissolve in water.

Net weight 100g
Gross weight 112g
Bag Size 220×140×70(mm)
Best Before 2 year  From production date
JAN code
Export performance France, Belgium, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore
Bags/carton 20
Carton size 438×318×237(mm)
Gross wight / Carton 2.5kg
Storage instruction Keep away from heat, moisture and fragrances
Store at room temperature between 20-25℃
Away from direct sunlight
Storage Temperature Room temperature
Ingredients Green tea
Sales Season JAN-DEC
Product of Origin Japan( Shizuoka, Kagoshima, Shimane)
Organic Cetificate
NON Bisphenol-A for pack
Ideal the hardness of water: Soft water
(pH6.0~7.0 /  Hardness 30~100mg/ℓ)

Origin : Japan, Shizuoka, Kyoto, Kyusyu Pref


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