Private Labeling / OEM Service

We provide “Private labeling / OEM” service.

No1. Stick bag
Size : 22mm×30mm~65mm
Tea : 1-2g
MOQ : 50,000 –


No2. Standing pack
Size : 120×200(170)×55mm
Tea : 80-100g
MOQ : 1,000 –


No3. Single use pack
Size : 100×120mm
Tea : 8-10g
MOQ : 2,000 –

1. Tea cost
2. Package cost
3. Printing cost
4. Deliver cost

*Please ask us available color options

[How to Proceed ?]

STEP1. Purchase paid sample
Please purchase tea sample pack, at USD 200 pay by Paypal
We will send sample tea and
*Included global shipping cost

STEP2. Select tea

STEP3. Prepare design AI or JPG

STEP4. We will printing and shipping


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