Nagomicha, is made by roasting the green tea, type of tea used to make matcha. After roasting the green tea, just like the usual matcha. The rich, roasty flavor can be enjoyed for simply drinking it as Nagomicha, or can be used as a flavoring when making cake, ice cream, or other sweets. Delicious aroma of roasting. Ideal for cooking of ice-creams and pastries. This product is made for those who want to enjoy new green tea flavour other than Matcha in their cuisine.

Net weight 100g
Gross weight 112g
Bag Size 220×140×70(mm)
Best Before 1 year  From production date
JAN code 4573378740053
Export performance France, Belgium, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore
Bags/carton 20
Carton size 368×268×157(mm)
Gross wight / Carton 2.5kg
Storage instruction Keep away from heat, moisture and fragrances
Store at room temperature between 20-25℃
Away from direct sunlight
Storage Temperature Room temperature
Ingredients Green tea
Sales Season JAN-DEC
Product of Origin Japan( Shizuoka, Kagoshima, Shimane)
Organic Cetificate
NON Bisphenol-A for pack
Ideal the hardness of water: Soft water
(pH6.0~7.0 /  Hardness 30~100mg/ℓ)


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