HOUJICHA tea is a type of Japanese green tea which is made from the sun-grown Japanese green tea known as bancha, harvested from the tea plant later in the season. HOUJICHA tea is roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal at a high temperature, fact that alters the leaf color from green to reddish-brown. The tea leaves are roasted in a roasting pan at a temperature of approximately 200℃ and then immediately cooled. Through roasting, caffeine is sublimated and the HOUJICHA becomes less bitter. For this reason, it is said to be a tea that is easy to drink for children and elderly people. One may enjoy HOUJICHA's savory aroma and clear, light taste.

Net weight 100g
Gross weight 112g
Bag Size 220×140×70(mm)
Best Before 2 year  From production date
JAN code
Export performance France, Belgium, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore
Bags/carton 20
Carton size 438×318×237(mm)
Gross wight / Carton 2.5kg
Storage instruction Keep away from heat, moisture and fragrances
Store at room temperature between 20-25℃
Away from direct sunlight
Storage Temperature Room temperature
Ingredients Green tea
Sales Season JAN-DEC
Product of Origin Japan( Shizuoka, Kagoshima, Shimane)
Organic Cetificate
NON Bisphenol-A for pack
Ideal the hardness of water: Soft water
(pH6.0~7.0 /  Hardness 30~100mg/ℓ)

Origin : Japan, Shizuoka, Kyoto, Kyusyu Pref


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