Tea Life update , MAR 2017


Tea Life update , MAR 2017

How can the bittrness be softened?
We have already introduced “Why is Tea bitter?” before. So today we would like to introduced how its bitterness can be softened.
One property of bitter and astringent substances in Japanese Tea like caffeine and catechin is that they dissolve easier the hotter the water.
Tea becomes bitter and astringent when catechin is disolved to a large extent. For those who do not like bitter and astringent tea, Japanese Tea can be steeped in water with a lower temperature to make it tastier.

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New Organic Japanes Green Teas from Shizuoka
We offer 2 new Oeganic Japanese Green Tea, Sencha(Steamed green tea) and Houjicha(Rosted green tea)! Please enjoy them and have a good tea time.

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【How to enjoy Japanese Tea】by Japanese Tea Ambassador?
We would like to introduce you how to enjoy Japanese tea?
Learn it and enjoy your tea time☺️
No.1『Sparkling Green tea(Sencha)??』
Sencha is the most commonly enjoyed variety of Japanese green tea in Japan. Sencha has a well-balanced combination of aroma,
umai(flavor of the highest quality) and bitterness.
・Sencha loose tea leaves (Deep steamed Sencha is the best) -2g
・Sparkling water -500ml
Please the loose tea leaves put into the sparkling water and refrigerate for about 6 hours.

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